Digital Signage Branding Tool

Onison Launches Digital Signage Branding Tool

July 8th, 2014 - VANCOUVER, BC, Canada


Does it feel exciting to find a free business app for your needs? Then you realize that it costs an arm and a leg to subscribe to a service, and ‘free’ means only downloading the app but not utilizing it. Onison puts an end to this practice.

Onison Corporation, a global provider of brand management solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its genuinely free digital signage app that is login- and ad-free for single point use.

The Onison Digital Signage app is a mobile tool designed for brand owners to display or broadcast their playlists. It will enable the control of branded messages on any Android device. Photos, graphics, text, and videos can be fused into one show or played independently.

Versions for iOS and Windows are to follow.

No Sign-up. Completely free

As a first of its kind mobile application, users are not obliged to sign up nor subscribe to a service in order to benefit from Onison’s digital signage app. After downloading the app, users can create playlists with images and videos from the device and play them instantly as digital signage.

In-app editing

Simply by adding images and videos to folders within a device, the Onison digital signage app allows users to create playlists. A customized digital signage can be utilized immediately without a complex setup. This is typically suitable to showcase portfolios or run promotional shows, etc.

Auto Restart

The mobile app is equipped with an auto-start function. When the device reboots, the app will restart automatically. Screen lock during the show is automatically disabled and re-enabled upon exiting the app.

Multiple playlists

The app allows users to create multiple playlists and play them all at once.

Expand to multiple devices and control branding

Multiple devices, even across many outlets all over the world, can be controlled through Onison’s digital signage offering as a subscription. Every device can be upgraded to pull information from Onison’s service or have it pushed to the device. No special hardware is needed other than an android device with an Internet connection. Onison digital signage can be branded for franchises and is also offered as a white label solution for digital signage vendors and VAR’s.

The Onison Digital Signage App is now available at Google Play and can be downloaded here:

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Onison provides Rich Internet Applications (RIA) as a Service (SaaS) that are out-innovating the competition in brand management tools. Onison’s application services address the particular needs of brand management with services for digital asset management, the publishing of print collaterals, and the provision of Web-to-TV, digital signage, POS price labelling, and catalogue production. The fully customizable solutions cater from the largest global franchise enterprise to the smallest photography business.

For 15 years, Onison has been professionally servicing enterprise level media asset management and web-to-print solutions to Global2000 organizations, such as ABB, Givaudan, Intersport, Novartis, Siemens, United Nations, and many more, including financial institutions with high-security requirements.

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