Free Product Information Exchange

Onison offers the world's only Free Product Information Exchange that comes without limitations. It allows you to publish your product media and your product data in a high-security environment, invite suppliers to provide you with data, and direct your customers and affiliates to the product information that they need for download. You can use the service to your full advantage, and you or your data recipients do not need to pay anything.


Here is The Deal:


In the Free Product Information Exchange, you can

- upload any number of product images or product videos without file size or space restrictions

- upload your product information data in Onison's unified data import format (contact us if you need extra free data fields)

- freely share the originally uploaded images, videos, and data

- freely create customized product collections for sharing

- upload and share any other file with on-demand download payment


As a member of the Free Product Information Exchange, you consent to

- receiving promotions for Onison services or for third party services by email, from time to time

- advertisements in the Free Product Information Exchange

- receiving offers for Onison's on-demand or subscription services

- offer on-demand services to your data recipients, such as image or data conversions, etc.

The Free Product Information Exchange is restricted to product images, videos and product data as outlined below. Sharing non-product related files violates our simple deal, if you do not have a subscription or set these files to on-demand download payment. If you violate The Deal, Onison will close your company's account without notice, and you will  need to enter a subscription agreement to reactivate it.


Product Information Management System

Additional Services

Onison offers a suite of on-demand and subscription services that can make workflows easier for you:

- automatically convert to various download formats for usage from e-commerce to print

- import your data format(s) through Excel, CSV, or intelligent XML API

- data conversion to provide your visitors' data format(s)

- sharing of non-product files

- printing of catalogs and product sheets

- use your own domain

- set various access rights

- and many more for customizing your experience.



What kind of data resides in the Free Product Data Exchange?


  • Product related marketing data (descriptions, labels, media assets)
  • Product related media assets (Images, videos)
  • Product price lists 
  • Technical data (SKU's, Identifiers, measures, etc.)
  • Product prices
  • Product related logistics data


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