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Website Management and SEO Simplified


Developing and maintaining your web pres­ence in a compelling, accurate and fresh manner is critical to any organization's image and success. As an application that has been pioneering the field for over 15 years, Taggon is delivering on the promise of a content man­agement system to have non-technical users create and up­date website content, easily keeping them current.  With Taggon, busi­nesses can quickly build effective web sites for Internet, extra­net or intranet usage by distributing the responsibilities through­out the organization.


The focus of Taggon rests on six pillars:

  1. Total simplicity for non-technical users
  2. Media Asset Management integration for easy utilization of digital assets
  3. Automated output for desktop and mobile without user interaction
  4. Simplification and assistance with Search Engine Optimization
  5. Visitor identification for lead Generation
  6. Full Xaraya CMS open source backend for technical users


With this approach, Taggon is perhaps the most affordable enterprise level Content Managment System that provides for an unmatched level of usability for non-technical users while offering a backend that fulfills the technical aspects of the most demanding applications.


Remove the Content Bottleneck


The demand to consistently update web content has risen dramatically. However, organizations are facing content bottlenecks because non-technical users are unable to create or modify pages. They have long forgotten about their extensive training sessions and previously read user manuals on how to operate a system that is not in daily use. Thus, the task of updating pages reverts back to a bottleneck of technical specialists, ultimately hampering the success of the business. Taggon provides non-technical content experts with a highly advanced WOW-Editor (Write-On-Webpage) that allows them to modify any content, tables or images in a familiar word processing environment, directly on the webpage.


With Taggon CMS, Webmasters and other IT Staff are freed from updating the sites, thereby relieving the web content bottleneck. The site management is put into the hands of the non-technical content experts while the look and feel remains under tight control.


Remove the Image and File Graveyards


Graphics, files and photographs that are needed across multiple media formats are often duplicated and managed in multiple locations. With Taggon and its integrated ImageDirector enterprise MAM system, those redundancies are removed. Images are automatically compressed to the correct Internet format according to the users' online size and crop settings.


If you trust your users to put a number of images or videos in a folder, then these users are also able to publish slide-shows, produce sliders, or put videos online, without any technical help. With the support of ImageDirector, you can even sell products or digital files directly on your Website. Everything that you need to run an e-commerce venture is available.


Mobile Compatibility

Mobile has taken the web by storm. During the last decade, the web has shaken up the way business is conducted, but the rapid and profound switch from the physical world to mobile has taken everyone by surprise - including us. At Onison, we know first hand how important it is to offer a site that is compatible with all devices - even though a business might not cater to mobile users directly, it is paramount that their website is mobile friendly. Organizations across the world are revamping their websites to adapt to the new demands. However, at what cost?


While most businesses do not wish to engage in the arms race of the mobile web, they have no choice but to comply. Unless they are willing to be pushed to irrelevance by the 'rules' of the Internet, keeping up with online demands is mandatory. Taggon addresses this need by offering a fully automated mobile output.This removes the typical financial barrier of just keeping up, while the processes remain simple and intuitive.


Search Engine Optimization Simplified

Promises, promises, promises! We have heard it all from those that claim to be specialists. We know that SEO is hard, and we are well aware that being able to successfully manage search engines is a critical mission for your business. The sad fact is that nobody really knows what search engines look for and how their algorithms change. However, there are a number of important fundamentals that typical CMS systems fail to address. Taggon is fully optimized for SEO. Your Taggon pages become visible to search engines, even if you only take care of the minimum registration requirements. The Taggon interface offers easy to use tools that allow you to manage search engines actively and aggressively.


Lead Generation Included

There you are - You built a wonderful website, did everything possible for SEO, but then you do not know who visits your pages. Analytical tools give you all sort of Information that is more interesting for the provider of the tool than for your business. They do not tell you what you really want to know: who visits your pages? Specialized Services that do unveil this Information come at a steep extra cost. A visitor tool is integrated into Taggon, helping you to achieve the goal that your website is really after: generating leads.


XARAYA Backend

Even though Taggon offers a user friendly interface for non-technical users, its backend is by no means limited. Taggon is a management layer that is added to enterprise level Content Management Systems, in the standard setup to XARAYA. Since it is available in Open Source, there are no barriers to deploy any specialized application inside the XARAYA framework. In fact, the tool that you need might already be available from the XARAYA community.


Content Management Rendered Invisible


Successful content management systems do not require user training - Instead, they build on familiar processes. Taggon utilizes invisible technology. It has no inherent processes and integrates tightly with existing business pro­cedures and workflow systems, thus making your online presence current. Your corporate design can be of paramount importance for the recognition of your enterprise. With predesigned templates, Taggon makes it easy to conform to universal design standards. Administrators can maintain control over the cor­porate branding, style, consistency, accuracy, security and workflow. They identify the content owners, contributors and man­agers and assign roles that define who views, updates and man­ages content on your site. They can also set view per­missions for different types of viewers. Taggon dynamically personalizes the content views for a customized user experience.


The Company

Onison Corporation is a leading global provider of branding tools that assists companies to manage their digital assets and contents for different media outputs.

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Onison's scalable enterprise brand management platform provides a smart approach to manage brand and marketing workflows.

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