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Automatic Catalog Production


Automatic Catalog Production

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Unparalleled Ease of Use

The on-demand catalog data management and print publishing service cuts pre-production time and cost with unprecedented simplicity. Engineered for any business size, this leading on-demand catalog automation platform can produce full color print catalogs, individualized catalogs, brochures, price lists, and PDF files while dramatically reducing costs over catalog production methods with desktop publishing software. No other on-demand catalog automation system can match the management and security features of Onison's application platform. 
In its simplest feature set, users can upload a set of product images as well as a product list and wait for the email to download the final catalog output. 

For more demanding catalog projects, you can control access, editing, and catalog building rights down to the individual product and even to its variations.  Sharing of product images and data has never been easier. 


Onison's Media Asset Management System allows marketers to upload their product lists through the importer (Excel/CSV/API) into the fully integrated PIM (Product Information Management) in multiple local languages, ready for global, localized catalog production. The dataset will be placed into the specified product folder, and at the same time, a catalog project is automatically initiated. Sketches, icons, and images can be merged to the data through a simple one-click operation as they become available. In the catalog project, the user can see the layout and make changes and amendments instantaneously. Data of individual files can be viewed and corrected in the PIM tab of each asset's edit window.


Once the data is ready, the production of the catalog is a single click away. 


 Automatic Catalog software


Catalogue Automation Within Branding Guidelines


Onison's on-demand catalogue automation feature is terminating a chain of pre-press costs and reduces pre-production time from months to minutes. This translates into significant competitive advantages for our customers as they get their full product lines to the market in a speedy manner. Catalogues can be updated at any time, thus allowing for cost effective seasonal and niche market catalogues.


The data output is template based according to the customer's instructions and branding guidelines. A single template can contain an unlimited number of design layouts, thus allowing for unprecedented layout variations inside a catalog and even on a single page.


Catalogue automation solutions Even more, users with the respective access privileges can build template based on-demand catalogues at once without any desktop publishing software. The users can choose their products and are able to create individualized marketing materials on-demand from the catalog database that drives the variable data processing (VDP).


The data management capabilities of the on-demand catalogue production option support very large product books and also customer specific, smaller supplements on-demand, and even mud-maps that can be sent to the design department for detailing. 


The results are drastically reduced production time and minimized production costs while maintaining data accuracy and brand identity.


Download sample catalogue generated by Onison with following features:

variable product data length, in-process bar-code creation, technical icon calls, variation output.



Download sample catalogue with following features:

in-page title-/sub-title placement, in-page layout change, automatic image size adjustment, automatic drop-shadow, free-flow text length, external links on images and SKUs.



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