Marketing Automation and Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Preeon Web-to-Print Publisher Features


Preeon Web-to-Print Publisher Features

Preeon Publisher is ideally suited for global brand management initiatives. With no investment in infrastructure and no software or add-ons to be installed, customers, dealers, representatives, franchises, agents, etc. can be enabled to individualize any print collateral. This could include to manage print collaterals such as business cards, stationary, postcards, leaflets, brochures, an­nual reports, customer newsletters, posters, and even newspapers through a simple to use self-service application that runs in the web browser.

Customized Communications

  • Professional full colour documents can be created that combine text, photo­graphs, graphics, and charts
  • Printed materials and PDF documents are individualized, relevant to the user, and sophisticated in style

Dynamic and Polished

  • Administrators are able to produce documents from scratch with freely positioned text and images
  • Documents can be imported and modified in order to create templates
  • All content can be moved, resized, and set with style attributes
  • Fonts and colors can be locked to an organizations preferences
  • Preeon translates the user modifications into professional pdf output file formats

3rd Party Software Friendly

  • Documents from InDesign and other applications can be imported through our PDF importer
  • Product templates for printed collaterals can be managed on-site or through advertisement agencies
  • Preeon templates can be restricted according to the customer's parameters and instructions

Localized Marketing Automation (LMA) made easy

  • Allow to modify or insert text and images manually or automatically through a database driven personalization process
  • Images, logos, or text can be inserted depending on the user access rights
  • Images can be modified, cropped, resized, or rotated
  • Text can be edited, and text attributes can be limited to the range of corporate font family
  • Individual imagery or text elements can be locked to ensure adherence to design guidelines
  • Administrators are able to build their own templates from scratch or change existing templates into new ones
  • Variable data printing (VDP) for personalized communications is enabled. Text variables, logos, graphics, and images can be changed from one document to the next

No training required

  • Intuitive interface in a user-friendly environment, no training is required
  • Accurate representation of the final result, what you see is what you get

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