What is Product Information Management (PIM)

Unified Data Clearing

Unifying supplier data with arbitrary formats is driving you crazy. We most certainly know that. We have been dealing with this with our customers for eons. It is an endless process of frustration where incomplete supplier data needs to be updated only to find new incoming data incompatible with the realities on the point of sale. Most businesses rely on an error prone manual process that appears perpetual. Now there is a solution.


Onison's Unified Data Clearing allows for unlimited data and product media sources to connect with your master data workflow in your data format.  





Simplifying Multiple Incoming Sources


You have multiple incoming data sources AND multiple outgoing data targets? Onison's Unified Data Clearing helps to drastically simplify your workflow in both directions.




The system accepts CSV and XLSX (Excel) files through drag-and-drop or direct feeds through our Intelligent XML API. You define the rules for importing data into your Master. It can calculate, compare, merge, and follow your business logic in order to produce your output formats. These can be represented in multiple layout formats as CSV files or as an XML data stream for usage in your Product Information Management System (PIM). As an option, new supplier imports over existing ones can detect missing articles in the new list and mark them in the Master according to your needs.  



Images can reside in any system that allows for linking to your PIM or to Onison's Media Asset Management and PIM-Exchange.




Unified Data Clearing works in simple steps:


1. Setting up the Master Data Map

2. Defining Master rules for incoming data handling

3. Setting up linked Supplier Data Maps

4. Feeding Rich Product Media and Product Data with Drag-and-Drop or Intelligent Data Feeds


The Master is aware of product SKUs that are no longer part in supplier imports, and executes missing SKUs according to your instructions. You can continue to sell your stock even though the supplier has discontinued items.


NOT a Cloud Service


Onison's Unified Data Clearing does NOT run on the cloud. Our sole interest is to keep your sensitive Rich Product Media and Data safe. There is no data mining activity on our servers. You can publish your future marketing materials with the confidence in knowing that your competition does not know before you do which of your products will be successful.



Who needs Unified Data Clearing?


  • Businesses that receive different data formats from their suppliers
  • Businesses that carry large amounts of products, especially from various sources
  • Businesses that want to simplify their Master Data Management
  • Businesses that need to satisfy Rich Product Media and Data requests in various formats





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