ImageDirector XML Feed API

Intelligent ImageDirector XML Feed API


Customers are able to access functions and assets in ImageDirector with Onison's intelligent XML Feed API. This facilitates the bi-directional interfacing with external systems such as content management systems, enterprise resource management systems, logistics systems, e-commerce systems and the like.


The XML Feed API's download stream allows for the client to search the ImageDirector database using their own criteria to get results fed back to their own applications. Using XML for the result set yields a format independent result feed for all parties involved.


The XML Feed API's upload stream allows for the client to import XML data into ImageDirector from their own applications. Multiple fields of the original dataset can be merged into one field in the ImageDirector dataset.


The API consists of two core components: a variable mapping API and the result feed. These components are defined as follows:

The clients access the API in ImageDirector to generate a variable mapping schema for the query/ result set that they want to generate. This 'MAP' is saved on the ImageDirector database, and subsequent calls to that 'MAP' query/ feed results based on the settings determined in that 'MAP'.


The Mapping API primarily consists of one section: query/ result mapping.


A form is used to define clients' variables, and how they map to ImageDirector variables. The client is able to choose any number of available variable maps for the querying of the database.


For example, the client can define a query variable to map to the ImageDirector variable "image_ID", and the value of that variable is searched for against the ImageDirector database based on that value.


A list of available ImageDirector variables for mapping is provided on the MAPPING API, as with a description of accepted content type for that variable.


The resultant XML feed will follow the same mapping schema, returning a well-formed XML dataset, with the XML elements matching the defined map.


For example, if the client creates a map with the following specifications:
desc ==> Description
id ==> image_ID
cc == copywrite
upl_date ==>upload_date
group ==> group_ID
upl_user ==> upload_user
filename ==> original_filename
you would format the xml feed such that:
xmlfeed.xml.php?mapping_id=1&desc=SEARCH_VALUE&id=SEARCH_VALUE&cc= SEARCH_VALUE .. (etc, using any combination of the defined mappings)
and it would return an xml node ( one for each result row ) similar to:
<result node 1>
    <asset_location></asset_location> // always return a source for the asset
    <desc>SOME DESCRIPTION</desc>
    <id>SOME ID</id>
    <cc>SOME COPYWRITE</cc>
    <upl_date>SOME UPLOADED_DATE</upl_date>
    <group>SOME GROUP</group>
    <upl_user>SOME UPLOADED USER</upl_user>
    <filename>SOME ORIGINAL FILENAME</filename>
</result node 1>
<result node 2>
Using this format, the client will be able to customize the usage / implementation of the intelligent XML Feed API in way they need to have it fit with their own applications.

The client also needs to supply login informaiton via the query string to get 'access restricted' results . The format for that is "userid=SOMEUSER&password=MD5_PASSWORD

Using the mapping api, and the login information supplied to access it, the mapping api will provide examples (including user id and md5_password) on queries to the xml feed, allowed data formats, etc.

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