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Share large files professionally
with Onison's ImageDirector
Media Asset Management System.


Sharing large, professional files with email attachments or via FTP is a hassle. With Onison’s ImageDirector, you can distribute very large business files with any web browser. No installation is needed and no extra add-on. After transferring your professional files to your ImageDirector account, you are ready to securely share them via email, by an embedded link, or through a designated download section. There, your affiliates, clients, partners, or the press can download your files within an environment that is consistent with your organization’s branding. You can e-mail a thumbnail that links to your branded download page. If you wish to receive large files, you can establish upload links or a secure user account that enjoys the full functionality of Onison’s Media Asset Management System.


Onison’s ImageDirector – An Enterprise Level File Sharing Service

Onison’s ImageDirector provides not only for the capability to upload large files for single file sharing sessions, but it is an enterprise level online image library. You can give any affiliate, partner, client, or the press exactly as many access rights to precisely the files as needed, nothing more and nothing less. Onison’s ImageDirector is the enterprise level application for any file sharing requirement.


Onison ImageDirector benefits:

Collaborate with your affiliates, clients, partners, or the press in an environment that consistently presents your files in a branded environment;


  • Save, organize, and share and store any kind of digital file securely, easily, and tightly controlled;
  • A self-serving environment that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, and with any browse;
  • There are no setup fees;
  • There are no long-term contracts;
  • There are no hidden fees;
  • There are no upgrade cost, ever, since you always work with the latest version;
  • Professional file sharing in an enterprise level environment with branding exposure;
  • Register and login directly from your branded website;
  • Various security levels on-demand;
  • The application is self-explanatory and very easy to use; no training is needed.


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