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Why Would You Need Application Services?

Digital asset management (DAM), Web-to-print publishing, web content management (CMS), and Web-to-TV broadcasting (digital signage) are complex systems to manage and need regular upgrading due to frequent technology and format changes. On the other hand, rapidly changing business environments require productivity improvements for creating, accessing, distributing, and monetizing digital assets.
In-house solutions for any of those systems must invest substantial staff and fi­nan­cial resources. The requirements for connectivity in media asset management systems are very high. High security, disaster re­covery, redundancy and load balancing require specialized expertise and team work.
What can Onison do for you?

Why would you choose Onison?

  • Use services on demand without any upfront investments
  • 24/7  Self-servicing
  • Onison helps to leverage your files for cross-media purposes
  • Your files are NOT stored in the cloud where they might be exposed to piracy risks and data mining
  • Your data is stored and made accessible in a high security environment 
  • Onison will never lock its customers in; everything for a transition is readily available
  • Your feedback meets open minds and a can-do attitude 
  • We are at our happiest when you praise us for outstanding customer service
  • Partner with a leading expert in managing digital assets with deep experience of 15 years 
  • Focus on mission-critical issues and thus gain a competitive edge
  • Eliminate duplication of valuable work (photography in particular)
  • Substitute painstaking image preparation for the Internet
  • Prevent copyright infringements

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Onison Corporation is a leading global provider of branding tools that assist companies to manage their digital assets and contents for various media outputs.

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Onison's scalable enterprise brand management platform provides a smart approach to manage brand and marketing workflows.

ImageDirector Media Asset Management
Preeon Web-to-Print Publisher
Automatic Catalogue Production
Product Information Management

We are available 365/24/7 with a primary goal to ensure that our customers utilize their applications to their full potential.

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