Features for Professional Digital Asset Management

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Onison's convenient plans offer features that are needed to run a professional Digital Asset Management System for organizations of various sizes. Options can be enabled for any access level upon request.

Features Comparison





Number of Project Lightboxes per authenticated user with direct publishing feature (with or without password protection and/or restricted users).




Different levels of user privileges




Number of authenticated user profiles included




High-Resolution Preeon Web-to-Print Output (per job)

$24.99 + 10¢/p

$9.99 + 8¢/p

$9.99 +8¢/p
(or $699.90 unlimited)

Extensive statistics/month




Add additional users/month

$1 each



Data Usage (uploads free)

fair usage


50 GB free


200 GB free

Add additional disk space/month


1 GB free


250 GB free


1 TB free

Product Image Background Removal


50 free

$0.15 over 100 

500 free

2000 free

Monetize digital files through paypal/month (unlimited registered buyers)




Commission on all digital sales from monetizing feature




Automatic registration process for new users with fully automated email system for various tasks




Add files to multiple folders




Multiple metadata per asset (for multiple languages or projects)




Contract Term

no contract

12 months

12 months

Billing method (commissions are billed at month end)

credit card

credit card


Common Features in All Plans
  • Use as photo library, video library, digital signage tool, file repository, press map, PIM, pro format background remover, Product Information Exchange, or as enterprise level online Media Asset Management System, and many other purposes 
  • Browser access at anytime, anywhere, with no software to be installed (no add-ons/zero footprint)
  • Just like with your computer's file manager, entire folders or folder trees with all file types or media can be transferred directly into folders with drag-and-drop functionality, including professional file formats 
  • Files are automatically encrypted, and execution of files is disabled
  • Not in the Cloud; all files remain under our full control (no exposure to file piracy or data mining)
  • Custom Branding: Banner and landing page fully customizable 
  • Powerful search capability, semantic, visual, geographic, hierarchical, dynamic keyword proposal, as well as keyword table
  • Assign keywords, descriptions, and access rights  
  • Edit and preview multiple files in separate windows
  • Automatically remove backgrounds from CMYK or RBG image formats
  • Fully scalable and customizable
  • View, download, and share files with user access rights assigned per individual file  
  • Public area without login
  • Download links for individual files, folders, and projects (with and without password protection)
  • PDF, Doc and PPT browser preview of all pages (image views)
  • Use with any file type
  • Universal image file type support. Conversion support for all common audio, image and video formats. The following formats are supported to be processed automatically for thumbnails and previews: AI (9+), AVI, AVM2, BMP, CDR, CR2, DOC, DOT, DV Video, EPS (Illustrator 9+), FFmpeg, FFM, FLV, GIF, INDD (InDesign), JPG, MP2, MP3, MP4, MPEG-1 System, MPEG-PS, MPEG-TS, MOV, MTS, OTF, PCD, PCX, PCT/PICT, PDF, PNG, PPT, PPS PS, PSD, RealMedia, TGA, TIF, TIFF, TTF, VSD, VSX, WAV, WavPack, WMV, WTV. 
  • More supported file formats:
    3fr, ari, arw, bay, cap, crw, dcr, dcs, dng, drf, eip, erf, fff, iiq, k25, kdc, mef, mos, mpg, mrw, nef, nrw, orf, pef, pict, ppt, ptx, pxn, r3d, raf, raw, rw2, rwl, rwz, sr2, srf, srw, wmv, x3f, xls, and many more.
    Supported formats have automated preview and thumbnail images - unsupported formats have manual thumbnail upload option
  • Download multiple files in zip format
  • Code snippets for embedding into web pages at the level of individual files, folders, projects, and media broadcasts
  • Unlimited Preeon Web-to-Print Previews    
  • Per usage Preeon Web-to-Print Publisher enabled 
  • Send files by email (email with thumbnail and link)
  • Copy encrypted link for assets to third party (web) applications
  • Upload multiple files at once in any format and size with direct drag-and-drop 
  • Upload entire folder structures with automated folder import function with direct drag-and-drop 
  • Zero-Footprint upload methods
  • Windows Operating System integration: for uploads, link to ImageDirector from your desktop
  • Upload new version on existing data
  • Automatic IPTC, EXIF and XMP data transfer into metadata
  • Support for color profiles (ICC)
  • Imprinting of digital watermark to safeguard copyright
  • Assign copyright information to individual or multiple files
  • Time based digital rights management with automated marking of expired files and revocation of access rights (for monetizing as well as copyright Management) 
  • Automated copyright control messages
  • Create dynamic folders. Users only see the relevant folders with images to which the users have access rights (no empty folders)
  • Freely arrange and rename folders for a fully customized folder structure through drag-and-drop
  • Batch edit all files of a folder or lightbox at once or even an entire tree of folders
  • Can be deployed as any combination of Internet, intranet or extranet solution
  • Cross-platform support for desktop and tablet computers as well as devices  

Additional Options

  • Transcontinental data redundancy
  • User groups
  • Privilege based access disclaimer
  • Customizable order of menu Folders (non-alphabetical) 
  • Custom download capability with on-demand file production
  • Control download formats per individual file
  • Automated download request process
  • Automated pre-press catalog production for product listings with fully integrated PIM (Product Information Management ) (learn more
  • Meta data import with CVS, Excel, or XML files with automated dummy creation
  • Merging of images to meta data dummy files
  • Onxxon Web-to-TV Media Broadcasting of full screen 4K and 1920 HD video- and slideshows enabled (usage fee per GB) (Learn more)
  • Versioning of user and meta data with rollback
  • Versioning of files with rollback
  • Two-tier Login
  • IP-Restrictions
  • Machine-to-machine security token
  • Embed customizable registration form into any webpage
  • Multi-language interface
  • Additional direct download formats
  • Duplicate identification
  • Image templates allowing for pre-set layout compositions with image(s) and text
  • Intelligent XML Feed API for PIM (Product Information Management), WCM (Web Content Management), e-commerce, or user management integration.
  • Integrated image manipulation: crop and rotate previews/thumbnails on-the-fly, create multiple image composites, add text on images, and much more
  • Template based image localization to control web site image output: edit text on image with your fonts, choose color, style, and much more 
  • Customize the URL and login screen (i.e. media.yourdomain.com)
  • White label solutions for resellers
  • In-house installation or in-house Windows file server solutions
  • Redundant multi-location systems with local file servers 
  • Automatic audit trail and billing capability
  • ... and countless others on request


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