Multi-Channel Catalog Builder

Multi-Channel Catalog Builder


ONISON’s multi-channel catalog (or catalogue) building system procures unprecedented ease of use and flexibility without imposing creative restrictions. ONISON's automated catalog application significantly reduces time spent on production, while simultaneously cutting costs. In addition, the automated catalog service offers new opportunities for catalog adaptation and customization. For example, sales representatives can assemble sub-catalogs (product sell sheets) from a master catalog, or they can build a catalog from scratch by picking products and adding them to a custom catalog.


Even so-called product mud-maps are possible that help product managers to create catalog pages by simply importing a list of SKUs. The system does the rest and fills in all the necessary information from the master data and the media assets.  


Catalog Builder

Retailers, manufacturers, and franchise organizations across the globe are experiencing a rebirth of the print catalog. However, the cost for traditional catalog building methods is prohibitive. In addition, they do not provide the flexibility needed to use the same data in a multi-channel marketing approach.


While your organization’s requirements will grow with multi-channel distribution, that does not mean that you have to spend more time and money. ONISON’s automatic catalog application service is in use by some of the largest global organizations – With over two decades of proven efficiency, the unrivaled catalog management software eliminates unnecessary costs.

Catalog Production Management

Print Catalogs require flexibility for original and compelling design – Choose from a variety of output templates that can be fully customized to your needs, or use your own identity altogether. Multiple design layouts can reside in one template and even on one page, thus allowing for individual page layouts that is as good as manual processes  – with the efficiency of automation.


Outsourcing the cataloging process is increasingly expensive and limits control over production. ONISON’s multi-channel catalog building technology ensures on time delivery, up-to-date information, and complete customization.

ONISON’s catalog management application makes publishing unique, targeted catalogs (of any size) easier and more efficient. Meanwhile, there are no restrictions to the creative process. Most of what Adobe® InDesign® offers can be realized with ONISON’s catalog building technology. Catalogues can be updated at any time in a matter of minutes, thus allowing for cost-effective seasonal and niche market catalogues within the confines of your branding guidelines.


ONISON offers the only system that understands your product syntax. There is nothing to learn and nothing to change. Once setup, ONISON can import your data in its original form without confusing adaptations - and it can export the data in the users' various formats.



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